What’s behind the name?

What’s behind the name?

Once upon a time, Stephanie had two dogs whom she loved very much, despite their tendency to get into things they shouldn’t, far too often*. One day, Stephanie returned home to a suspiciously quiet house, only to discover a sorry state of affairs: the fruit bowl had been compromised; the evidence was being hastily consumed. The living room couch was, of course, covered in green avocado detritus and two very unrepentant dogs.

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*Such things may include, but are not limited to:

Candles, personal care products (baby oil, hand lotion, lipstick, sunblock: you name it), chocolate Easter bunnies, grapes, apples, birthday cake, salt (particularly full boxes; it makes such a lovely mess), tea, both loose and in bags, pistachios, cat litter, toilet paper, towels (the fluffy new kind), aluminum cans (stolen from the recycling box, a.k.a. the toy box), chair rungs, flip flops and other flavours of sandals, the Complete Works of Shakespeare, handmade purses from Thailand, and all types of plastic – especially the lids of dog food containers.